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Sculpture Coffee Lady damaged

My Coffee Lady had been standing peacefully in the sculpture park in Rees for almost a year. At the beginning of May 2024, the park was visited by vandals during the night. They pulled over my statue and the handle of the statue broke.

koffie schade klein (1).jpg

Selected for the Kunstvloed sculpture route

Another outdoor sculpture! My proposal for a sculpture has been selected (as one of five) for a walking route near Sauwerd in the context of the art manifestation Kunstvloed in September 2023.

My Coffee lady becomes an outdoor sculpture

IDecember 2022 I received € 5000 subsidy from the municipality of Tynaarlo for the realization of an outdoor sculpture, and in January 2023 my sculpture Koffiejuffrouw was selected for a sculpture park in Rees, Germany. The statue has been cast in neolith and will be on display in Rees until June 2026.

In the autumn of 2024 I will have a solo exhibition in the Katwijks museum!

Solo in Katwijk

Selected for an international art fair in the Frauenmuseum in Bonn, Germany

Together with 80 other female artists for the first time my work will be shown at an art fair in November '22.

Invited for the exhibition Art in Rebellion

August 2021: I was asked to participate in the traveling exhibition Art in Rebellion. The curators of the exhibition were looking for work criticising current social issues. Much of my work fits in well with this concept according to them.

Selected for a solo in Bremerhaven, Germany!

May 2021: out of a large group of artists, a few people have been selected for a solo exhibition in Galerie 149 in Bremerhaven. My work will be shown there in June 2022.

National press attention for Birthday Belly Buttons

September/October 2020: my photo project Birthday Belly Buttons, not even finished yet, gets a lot of attention from the press. It starts September 25 with an interview on radio Noord. On September 30, a radio interview and a video and article on the RTV Drenthe site, which was picked up by the national broadcast NOS, which included it in the TV and radio news on the same day. An item in the Jeugdjournaal on 1 October and a live interview on Radio 1 in the program Fris on 4 October. On October 13 I photograph the last navel in Zuidlaren and RTV Drenthe records it again with radio and video. On 14 October I was a main guest in the talk show Noord Today of RTV Noord. See my page In the media for views.

A documentary about my artistry! 

A film about me and two other female artists! Chicago Social Club, Leidseplein, Amsterdam 20:00: Premiere of the documentary "The art of becoming"  made by Leora Kannekens, in collaboration with Het Lief Dagboek,  a feminist initiative by Mercedes Coco. Here the trailer. For the full documentary see the page "in the media".

Order from CBK Groningen


January 15, 2019: a great assignment from CBK Groningen! During the pop festival Eurosonic Noorderslag (8000 visitors) my sculptures and paintings are shown in a space under construction next to the foyer of the main hall.

Presentation during the Pentecost service

May 20, 2018: A talk about my work Das Hoog! held during the Pentecost service in the Nicolaïkerk in Appingedam.

Open studio days in the Noorder Sanatorium 2018

Berend Botje is back!

September 29, 2017:  the big festive "Berend Botje is back" procession  in Zuidlaren.

Artist in residence in Tallinn, Estonia

From May 27 to June 13, 2017, together with Kitty Boon and  Gea Koopman. In two weeks, in the forge of the art academy of Tallinn, a magnificent place at the harbour, we made eight works of art for the procession in honour of Berend Botje, alias Lodewijk van Heiden. This procession will  be held in Zuidlaren  during a festival in honour of Berend Botje on September 29 this year.  We have worked hard and with great pleasure, in collaboration with three Estonian artists: Nils Hint and Fred Truus, both blacksmiths, and Reet Reidak, painter. Photo Hilbrand Polman, Dagblad van het Noorden

Assignment from Buog: to Estonia!

Our trip to Tallinn is booked! Kitty Boon, Gea Koopman and I are going to the capital of Estonia to create a work of art for BUOG together with Estonian artists. We will be searching for the spirit of Lodewijk van Heiden, alias Berend Botje, who lived and died in Tallinn.

My work to museum De Fundatie in Zwolle

Zeemeermummie 1.JPG

March 12, 2017: my Zeemeermummy has been (anonymously) selected for Summer Expo 2017 and is therefore going to museum De Fundatie in Zwolle this summer!

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