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Procession Berend Botje Return, September 29, 2017

Artworks made in Tallinn, in collaboration with Kitty Boon, Gea Koopman, Nils Hint, Fred Truus, Reet Reidak and Nick Ireys, commissioned by Buog in the context of Zuidlaren cultural capital of Drenthe. The eight works of art depict eight awards that the Drenthe naval hero Lodewijk van Heiden alias Berend Botje earned in his lifetime:  the St. Wladimir Order  1st class, the Alexander Nevsky Order with Diamonds, the Order of the Sword, the Order of the White Eagle, the Military William Order, the Order of the Redeemer, the Order of the Bath and the Order of Francis I 1st class. With these eight works of art we have brought the soul of Berend Botje back to his native village Zuidlaren and thus give him a  lap of honor in the village.

The Archive of the Skills, 2010

Community art in the town hall of Tynaarlo, autumn 2010. The Archive of the Skills is a collaboration with Eline Krottje and Kitty Boon. The project consists of a sound fragment in which the listener (m/f) is asked what he can do well in everyday life. To help him determine his thoughts, five types of people are outlined, each with their own kind of talents. These five types are illustrated with a photo on a postcard. On that card the listener could fill in: I can do very well.... The completed cards together form an archive of everyday talents. The Archive of the Skills has now been included in the archive of the municipality of Tynaarlo.


Self-reflection with a wink: listen to the text and fill in a card of your choice:

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